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5 Deliciously EASY CAKES for Mother’s Day

5 BEAUTIFUL and Easy Cakes for Mother's Day |foodfashionparty|

Hi my friends,

Some parts of the world celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend.

“What do you want for Mother’s Day?” asked my little one.  To that I thought for a few minutes, and responded, “Nothing, I just want to sit at home, on my couch, in my pajamas, all day, watching movies, eating junk, and most of all, no one asking me anything. Lastly, I don’t want a messy kitchen!” I added quite sternly.

He looked at me like, I just wanted to know what to make for you.  Oh, well.

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Red Bean-Cardamom Buns

Red Bean-Cardamom Buns. Sweet bread stuffed with Red bean paste. |foodfashionparty| #chinesedessert

What’s your favorite dessert?

I couldn’t pick just one.  It’s coffee cake one day, falooda another, or a simple gulab jamun, which I always love.

While San Francisco is famous for it’s Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and earthquakes, it’s also very famous for its restaurants. There are no words to describe the popular sourdough of San Francisco, it’s amazing. The food truck festival is a very popular one.  The Ghirardelli ice cream is just to die for. My mouth just waters with the memory of the English muffins from Model bakery. Ahhh, so good. Little Italy has some beautifully created dishes as well. While burritos are considered sacred here,  Chinese food is like an institution. We have some very very popular chefs who have great restaurants, and I’ve been to a lot of them.  It is a food heaven filled with culture and beauty.

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Pesto with Candied Balsamic Cashews on Focaccia

Pesto with Candied Balsamic Walnuts on Focaccia

We still are wearing our open toed sandals and sundresses.  I think we are going to jump to Winter, skipping Fall.  There is not a lot of foliage here.  The only sign of fall are the squash and pumpkins.
I miss the chill, we need some rain.

On the bright side, I found some beautiful tomatoes in Cali and it’s crazy 91 degrees.

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Beet Lifafa(Envelope) Paratha with Apple Cilantro Chutney

Beet Lifafa(Envelope) Parathas with Apple Cilantro Chutney

You all must have a recipe for a food that never fails you every time you make it.  Paratha is one of them for me. Whoever cooked the first paratha is a genius.  This is a dish that I’ve been making a lot after the kids got into school.  Prepare the dough, stuffing the night before, and roll them in the morning. All you need to do after that is wrap well, and off it goes into their lunch boxes. How much easier can it be?!

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Naan- Quick/Instant 20 minute No yeast Naan/Pav Bhaji Naan Pizza

Naan- Quick/Instant 20 minute No yeast Naan

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!  Have a great weekend, you all!

It’s not too often that I make naan at home.  In reality, it’s not too often that we eat Indian food other than at home.  We cook so much Indian food at home that we hardly have the urge to eat Indian food outside.  Does that happen to you?

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Multigrain Seed Fig-Nuts Energy Bread

Multigrain Seed Fig-Nuts Power Bread

Tucked in between the jalapeno bread, onion bagels, and dinner rolls in the fresh baked section in my neighborhood grocery store is this rectangular piece of bread which reads ‘Energy Bread.’  A few years ago I bagged a few, and I have been a regular customer of this energy bread since.  I cannot promise that your energy will go up after eating this, but I do like the wholeness, the texture, and the mild sweetness of the bread.

I was inspired and had to recreate it. How difficult could it be to bake them right?

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SKILLET CORNBREAD with Jalapenos and Chives

Skillet Cornbread with Jalapenos 1

It is Grandma’s Recipe and it is GOOD.

My trainer, he is something.  He loves food, and gets excited when I bring him lemon cupcakes, his favorite. I sometimes wonder how he enjoys his desserts and competes in body building competitions.  Well he does believe in moderation and asks me to enjoy everything.  

We have a mutual love for food. And yes, we do talk about food every once in a while when training. Hey, when I am working my shoulders, the thought of a good bread afterwards is the only thing which makes me finish my sets.

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 Pumpkin Spiced Dinner Rolls


Do you watch cooking shows guys? Anything particular you like?
We are officially addicted to ‘Cutthroat Kitchen’.  Has anyone seen it? It’s Alton Brown hosting the show and I love him.
Can you imagine cooking with shears?, seriously, how do they even come up with concepts like that.  So many sabotages, curve balls and a lot of cash involved.

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WALNUT MOCHA BREAD with Cardamom |foodfashionparty| #easyrecipe #bread
WALNUT MOCHA BREAD with Cardamom |foodfashionparty| #easyrecipe #bread
WALNUT MOCHA BREAD with Cardamom |foodfashionparty| #easyrecipe #bread
Mocha Walnut Bread 3

Somethings are great in theory.
Like the Mazda Miata I wanted. Can you imagine driving the kids and carpooling?..NO, so not practical.
Like the beautiful apple tree we bought and thought that we would see apples in couple of years, it’s got the same number of leaves on it as the day we bought it.
Like the good intention to wake up at 4.00 a.m. for my workout.
Like the time we wanted a dog.  We dog sat our friend’s little shih tzu and we loved him.  Just that he loved my sandals too, he would nag us to take him out every time.  I love animals, but in no rush to get one.
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GARLIC SRIRACHA Bread Knots- Multi Grain

Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French…… GARLIC makes it good.”-Alice May Brock

GARLIC SRIRACHA Bread Knots- Multi Grain

       Do you have a green thumb??

If you do, I admire you and if you don’t I’m secretly happy;).  I hear about homegrown tomatoes, chilies and fruits being so tasty and my friend even grows sugar cane, CRAZY…Why does it come so easy to some and here I am with a single leaf Banana tree which has been alive for 4 years with only couple of leaves present all the time.  I water it, ummm, maybe not all the time..But it hasn’t dried up on me yet, that’s the bright side.

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