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Chinese Chicken Salad Tacos with Home made spiced tomato tortilla

Salads are great. My family likes their salads with a little protein, an extra crunch, and a fresh, sweet touch.  Having a salad once a day is definitely a good habit.  Of course, having someone chop and prep a salad is even better.  I am absolutely loving the ready to eat organic salad kits we find these days.  They’re so convenient, with such clean ingredients.  Here, I made a tortilla and topped it with the salad and some chicken.   It was a complete, delicious meal of Chinese Chicken Salad in a tomato tortilla.

Chinese Chicken Salad Tacos with Home made spiced tomato tortilla |foodfashionparty| #Chinesechickensaladtaco

I was glad to partner with FeedFeed and Earthboundfarm.  I am usually very skeptical about bagged salads and bottled dressings.  However, this one defied my expectations.  I stand by this brand., and am so impressed with this little kit.  It comes with a dressing (which by the way is good), some chips, and nuts.  I add this salad mix to my chow mein, omelettes, pastas, and pretty much everything else that I can add vegetables too. Continue Reading

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Spicy Chicken Pakora/Fritters

Spicy Chicken Pakora/Fritters @ foodfashionparty

We are thoroughly spoiled by where we live.  Right in the middle of the bay, there are farmer’s markets every week, people with light casual clothes all year around.  There are strawberry picking, the cherry festival, the peach trees, and garage sales which will close down the streets.  Apple orchards filled with the most delicious ones to pick, tangerines and oranges everywhere.  We are greedy every season and try to hold on to the harvest preserving it bottle by bottle.  When there are snow and storms everywhere, we are trying to preserve the water because of the dry weather.  Craving for exotic food, we have options: we can either make them because the international grocery stores carry everything and the restaurants here are amazing. There are mountains to one side and sea to the other.  Ski resorts are a couple of hours north and Disneyland a few more to the south.

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Spicy Mango Masala Chicken

Spicy Mango Masala Chicken

There are many words to describe food. Three words to describe this chicken, no cliché here, are  “FINGER LICKING GOOD.”

This recipe was definitely an accident, a happy and yummy accident.

This is a re-post from few years ago. I’ve made it a number of times. Yesterday I made a huge batch of the mango barbecue sauce and decided to click some better quality pictures, if you know what I mean. I haven’t deleted the old post. If you’d like to see the old pictures and how this recipe came to be, here’s the link for the original Mango Chicken.

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Grilled/Baked Chicken in a Tamarind Masala Sauce

Grilled/Baked Chicken in a Tamarind Masala Sauce

Whew, it’s the holidays.  The last two days have been relaxing and a big break from waking up early.  The business of the school year was filled with some challenging and some fun days.  I’m looking to relaxing days,  hikes, and a little bit of traveling.  Most of all, I’m looking forward to doing some impromptu stuff with the family.  Summer in Cali is quite intense.  The last week has been hot.  Our grill, all cleaned up, is ready to work for us.

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White Chicken Curry Pot Pie

White Chicken Curry Pot Pie

Every year, I’m asked what I would like to eat on Mother’s day before they decide on eggs and toast.  Kids plan with their dad, and they always make a tasty breakfast of Indian eggs with toast.  It stops there :).  I thoroughly enjoy my morning with some strong Indian filter coffee and the masala eggs.  Then I get this: “Mom I don’t know how you’re able to cook so much all the time… It’s so tough.” As cooking is second nature for me at this point, I would be more than happy to enjoy in my kitchen the whole day. Even though I tell them I could, all I get is a big “No.”  Afterwards, they tell about reservations for lunch and dinner.  Mother’s Day is always fun, a bit of pampering.

Hypothetically speaking, if some one were to cook a nice meal, I’d love these mini pot pies. With this, a beautiful red wine, and a movie on Netflix, I’m all happy.   It’s a flower bouquet in puff pastry form.  What more could a food lover want? 🙂 Continue Reading

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Chettinad Spicy Chicken Curry

Spicy Chicken Curry( Chettinad Style)

I don’t experiment a lot with family recipes.  I pretty much follow a step-by-step written formula.  Recreating childhood memories is an experience quite special to me.  Especially when being this far away, food makes me feel at home and close to family back home.

I come from a family of great cooks. They made some delicious food and some cringe-worthy exotic food too. Curries were almost non-experimental; they cooked what the family liked and that was that.  As a result, a couple of next generation home cooks ventured and branched out into different methods of cooking and different cuisines, although the food made on Sundays were some of the best.  We learnt the art of making Dum Aloo(potatoes in creamy sauce), chicken tikka masala(needs no intro), hariyali chicken(green curry chicken), aloo posto(Potato dry-bengali cuisne)and many more.

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Indian Thai Curry 2

If I had to summarize my weekend into one word, it would be: congested. Isn’t it annoying when you feel feverish but the temperature couldn’t be more normal. The whole weekend almost flew by resting and take out food. Not sure how you feel about NyQuil, but I can sleep 2 days straight with just 2 tbsp of it. I actually did(not literally), it did feel good.

What I did miss was home made comfort food, like some rice and spicy curry. I’m pretty exhausted from all the take out. 

So after couple of days of take out food, I got up on Sunday and made my Indian Thai Curry(spicy). We enjoyed it with some coconut rice. Yum.

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Pepper Chicken 1

It’s 3.30 p.m.; the front door opens to two hungry boys. The perfume of pepper, warmth from the spices, and the sizzling sounds are just inviting. If I was in my parent’s home, I would ask the same thing, “Mom, it smells so good, what are we eating?”

I have to put my foot down on some things.”Go change, wash up, put on your home clothes, and I will tell you what I cooked,” I say. 

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ACHARI CHICKEN – Chicken Curry simmered in pickling spices

ACHARI CHICKEN - Chicken Curry simmered in pickling spices |foodfashionparty| #indianfood #spicychicken
Achari Chicken 3

And the Celebration continues….
It is a special week. 

A simple man with simple needs.   He loves gadgets, teaches the boys ‘Raspberry Pi'(I thought that was such a funny name for a computer). He smiles when I get mad at him.  I don’t remember him getting mad with either of us, the boys or me. He is so good at surprises.

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Here we are almost two months since school started, and I am excited after the first parent conference. FLASHBACK.((((((())))))

It is Sunday.  Not any other Sunday, a day which I don’t look forward to every year.  It’s bittersweet Sunday.