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Red Bean-Cardamom Buns

Red Bean-Cardamom Buns. Sweet bread stuffed with Red bean paste. |foodfashionparty| #chinesedessert

What’s your favorite dessert?

I couldn’t pick just one.  It’s coffee cake one day, falooda another, or a simple gulab jamun, which I always love.

While San Francisco is famous for it’s Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and earthquakes, it’s also very famous for its restaurants. There are no words to describe the popular sourdough of San Francisco, it’s amazing. The food truck festival is a very popular one.  The Ghirardelli ice cream is just to die for. My mouth just waters with the memory of the English muffins from Model bakery. Ahhh, so good. Little Italy has some beautifully created dishes as well. While burritos are considered sacred here,  Chinese food is like an institution. We have some very very popular chefs who have great restaurants, and I’ve been to a lot of them.  It is a food heaven filled with culture and beauty.

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STUFFED COOKIES – Pastry stuffed with nuts and dates

                   Festivals are fun. Festivals in India are very colorful. Whats your favorite festival/holiday?


It’s one of those festive weeks for Indians. It’s called Ganesh Pooja. The festival of THE ELEPHANT GOD.
Throughout India, people celebrate this festival.  It’s colorful, bright, with people singing,chanting, music screaming everywhere, it’s a beautiful atmosphere.
Kids dress up in their new clothes, visit family and friends. It’s a time when people unite in streets to decorate and it’s a big grand affair. 

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Indian Chinese – Hakka Noodles street food style

                                                            India- Land of Street Food

Indian Chinese is quite popular and combines the two cuisines to form one which has a tantalizing tone to it.  This fusion has been there for a while now and we Indians just love it.    With all the street food available, everyone has a favorite. I would hands down chose this, which brings back fond memories from my days back home.

One thing my cousin and I share is the love for food.  The days before I got married, was something I will never be able to forget, who will right??  Mine was filled with laughter, food, company, tears and a lot of emotions.  I stayed at my aunt’s place for sometime, which was a lot of fun and cannot be duplicated ever.  My cousin and I  would hold hands, talk for hours, walk on the foot path engrossed in our conversation not once being bothered by all pedestrians or the buzzing traffic around us.  The best  part we looked forward for was the food we were going to eat  after our walk.  A street vendor famous for his Indian Chinese was right up our ally so there we went, to order a plate of hot, steamy HAKKA noodles with hot and sweet tomato sauce drenched all over it.  That ten rupee(25 cents) plate of goodness was every bit enjoyed.

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