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Matcha No-bake Cheesecake bars flavored with cardamom

This time it’s this beautiful, luscious, simply easy, smooth cheesecake with a hint of this naturally enhancing matcha and  a rich cardamom flavor hidden. Add the Toffifay, the caramel hazelnut chocolate treat to elevate the dessert.  One bite of this will make you want to stop and think of every little thing you have just experienced. Then you might not want to stop at one slice:)

Matcha No-bake Cheesecake bars flavored with cardamom |foodfashionparty| #nobakecheesecake #cheesecake #matchcheesecake

For the love of chocolate, Matcha and all things pretty.

For me the end  of winter is all about open windows, fresh chilly air, full of grassy smell and leaves scattered everywhere. The mild heat from the fireplace spreading around, and snow on the mountain tops slowly melting away. Water dripping from the windowsill, a strong desire to wear a lacy dress and wander the vintage streets, camera in one hand to take pictures of the beautiful green mountains. A hope for something new, something fresh and something beautiful.

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In many ways, our world is a small one. Sometimes it can be glamorous, and sometimes it can be a very laid back one. The familiar routine suits me quite well. The  sameness of it all is a very warm feeling. There’s a security in knowing that the familiarity is around, and that gives me a lot of contentment.

This year, among all, I’m thankful for my beloved familiarity around me. The regularity is a luxury I am most happy to enjoy.

I truly feel blessed.  CHEERS to a Healthy, Happy, and Contented Year!!  Virtual Hugs to all of my dear blogger and non-blogger friends. Continue Reading

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White Hot Chocolate with Coconut Milk

White Hot Chocolate with Coconut Milk

It was a welcome pleasure.

As I got down from the car, the winds hit me in my face at 60 mph (at least it felt like it).  My hair was flying everywhere. I hadn’t read or listened to the news.  After picking up  the boys, my older one went on and on about how there is going to be a big storm coming our way.  Not knowing the severeness, I turned on the radio station. Continue Reading

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Figs and Hazelnut Cookies 1

All last weekend I craved for cookies, not any cookie but a cookie which was different.  As far as my cookie craving went, it had to have figs(I had em’ sitting in my pantry for days staring at me), had to have hazelnut spread and should be great to pack as a gift.

I’ve wanted to make these for months now. The time was right, I had a few hours to myself, the first box of cookies that I made to give friends are here.
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Parisian Hot Chocolate 1

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving. 
We are officially in December. It is the season to be jolly. It also happens to be the season of cookies, lights, celebration and HOT CHOCOLATE. This is our first hot chocolate for the season. 

I remember Paris, the city of love and food.
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                        Cocoa, chocolate chips, chocolate covered almonds and coffee beans. Cookies.

Chocolate Cookies3

We adore them. It’s the BEST!- I’ve heard( not too humble huh..). I can’t restrict myself in calling them the best.

If there’s one thing kids ask(almost demand) when they come to our place, are these cookies. Now coming to think of it, I’m not too sure it’s just them asking or one chocoholic teen who makes them ask…
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Baking-Chocolate Cupcakes- Vegan Allergy free

      “When you share a cupcake, you share love.”  ~ Unknown Author

Are you a chocolate junkie, I confess I am.  There’s not a single day that goes without having chocolate in
some form.  Screams celebration when there is chocolate and cake.  I truly believe you can win over anyone with these these beautiful looking cupcakes.  Cupcakes with all it’s glory has become a star the past few years, with Cupcake Wars(which i religiously watch) and shops dedicated purely to these sugary goodies..   Why not right, they are portioned out, you think of a flavor, you can make them or find em’ and most of all loved by most.

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