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5 Deliciously EASY CAKES for Mother’s Day

5 BEAUTIFUL and Easy Cakes for Mother's Day |foodfashionparty|

Hi my friends,

Some parts of the world celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend.

“What do you want for Mother’s Day?” asked my little one.  To that I thought for a few minutes, and responded, “Nothing, I just want to sit at home, on my couch, in my pajamas, all day, watching movies, eating junk, and most of all, no one asking me anything. Lastly, I don’t want a messy kitchen!” I added quite sternly.

He looked at me like, I just wanted to know what to make for you.  Oh, well.

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Coconut-Cashew-Chocolate Fudge/Ladoo – Quick 30 minute recipe


Coconut-Cashew-Chocolate Ladoo/Fudge

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi to all who celebrate!!

It is one of the biggest festivals of India this week.  It is the birth of Ganesha, the Elephant God.  To me, I love the vibes that this festival brings.  I’m enamored with the colors and the mood it creates.

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White Hot Chocolate with Coconut Milk

White Hot Chocolate with Coconut Milk

It was a welcome pleasure.

As I got down from the car, the winds hit me in my face at 60 mph (at least it felt like it).  My hair was flying everywhere. I hadn’t read or listened to the news.  After picking up  the boys, my older one went on and on about how there is going to be a big storm coming our way.  Not knowing the severeness, I turned on the radio station. Continue Reading

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Ridgegourd Yogurt and Coconut Milk Stew with Sriracha Garbanzo Beans

Ridgegourd Yogurt-Coconut Milk Stew with Sriracha Garbanzo Beans

As the holidays are behind us and a new year is ahead of us, a fresh start always feels good. It was relaxing,took a break from all social networking, yet crazy, couple of weeks.  We ate a great deal of food, spent some quality time with friends, and baked plenty of different goodies. After a couple of weeks of waking up late, skipping workouts, eating out, and having absolutely no routine, I was craving to get back into shape. I guess that sometimes, too much of a good thing can annoy you.  

Well, I am quite excited for the New Year. I have no resolution in particular, but I have goals I want to accomplish. To start off, I am in deep need of some detox. Well, the carb lover that I am, it is hard to do that. However, once a day, healthy smoothies or soups/stews are not a bad thing.

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STUFFED COOKIES – Pastry stuffed with nuts and dates

                   Festivals are fun. Festivals in India are very colorful. Whats your favorite festival/holiday?


It’s one of those festive weeks for Indians. It’s called Ganesh Pooja. The festival of THE ELEPHANT GOD.
Throughout India, people celebrate this festival.  It’s colorful, bright, with people singing,chanting, music screaming everywhere, it’s a beautiful atmosphere.
Kids dress up in their new clothes, visit family and friends. It’s a time when people unite in streets to decorate and it’s a big grand affair. 

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Remembering is easy, it’s forgetting that’s hard.- Brodi Ashton

Honey Cake1

Standing behind the iron railed balcony, I would look at the clock to turn 3.45 p.m. My aunt’s office bus would drop her off at the end of the road. I could see her walk from the corner, a little tired but glad to get home. For a 9 year old that was a long 3 minutes to wait.  The moment she reached within eyesight, all I was interested in was if she had a plastic bag in her hands.  If she did, I could not contain my happiness.  I knew what she got for us.  It would either be the Apple cake or Honey cake. After patiently waiting for her to serve it to us, it was so hard not to eat the cake fast. I would take small bites, slowing down as I get to the bottom of the cake, which, by the way, was the best. It was juicy, coconutty, sweet and heavenly.

When I think of this cake, I can feel the taste and my mouth waters immediately.
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THAI COCONUT CURRY SOUP- Spicy topped with NOODLES – 50th post and Giveaway/gift

 Yes, it’s my 50th post and I can’t believe I made it this far.

Coconut soup2

These last 3 months have been beyond what I could ask for. You being a huge part of it. Can you imagine that you work so hard on your recipe, your writing, your pictures, and you see 3 views? That sucks big time. I also saw that those views were mom’s, my teen’s and mine.

I remember when I was overwhelmed at the very thought and process of creating a blog. There were questions like ‘Honey,  how can I make this picture bigger’ to ‘Nik, can you please teach me how to add links’. They seem simple right, but too much for me then. Technical details seemed to pass through me without touching me.
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SORBET – MIXED BERRY SORBET with Coconut syrup- and NO icecream maker

Summer Vacation is here, and aren’t I glad I am a stay at home mum. Waking up after everyone(when I’m lucky, that is) and coming down to a noisy kitchen with dishes all over, refrigerator left open and all for what, to toast up some waffles.  But, I am not about to complain about the petty little things which would have bothered me a while ago. I know my priorities now.. 🙂  Today, I feel good to see the boys manage their breakfast without their mom.

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Coconut Cardamom Cookies/Biscuits

“I am still convinced that a good, simple, homemade cookie is preferable to all the store-bought cookies one can find.”

James Beard

Coconut-Cardamom Cookies

It’s one those blah days.  Weather is dull, and in turn dragging everybody down. I haven’t ticked off half the things I have to do for the week and another list is already awaiting. With the weather like this, I just want to cozy up in my bed, with the heater to my left, coffee to warm up and a good novel for company.  Shaking my beautiful thoughts away, have a bunch of chores to get done.  But I cannot resist the urge to whip a batch of the simplest biscuits/cookies every.

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INDIAN VEGETARIAN- Pineapple Curry- tangy and spicy

“Appearance are often deceiving”- Aesop’s quotes.

Some kind of curry with tamarind is a staple in a South Indian home. South Indians have a large repertoire for their vegetarian curries and this is just one variation of a tamarind curry. A spicy and tangy sauce atop some steamy plain white rice is comfort food for many.  It’s almost all the time accompanied by a mild dish.  You will never be able to find authentic dishes like this in any restaurant.  Some of the curry recipes are passed on from generations and if followed religiously, the taste is pretty spectacular.  In Karnataka, where I’m from and many of their dishes are  generally spiked with a touch of sugar or jaggery(brown sugar).  Their sambhar, tamarind rice, rasam,  tamarind kozhumbu( curry), their dishes are spicy yet a bit sweet and I love it.

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