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Matcha No-bake Cheesecake bars flavored with cardamom

This time it’s this beautiful, luscious, simply easy, smooth cheesecake with a hint of this naturally enhancing matcha and  a rich cardamom flavor hidden. Add the Toffifay, the caramel hazelnut chocolate treat to elevate the dessert.  One bite of this will make you want to stop and think of every little thing you have just experienced. Then you might not want to stop at one slice:)

Matcha No-bake Cheesecake bars flavored with cardamom |foodfashionparty| #nobakecheesecake #cheesecake #matchcheesecake

For the love of chocolate, Matcha and all things pretty.

For me the end  of winter is all about open windows, fresh chilly air, full of grassy smell and leaves scattered everywhere. The mild heat from the fireplace spreading around, and snow on the mountain tops slowly melting away. Water dripping from the windowsill, a strong desire to wear a lacy dress and wander the vintage streets, camera in one hand to take pictures of the beautiful green mountains. A hope for something new, something fresh and something beautiful.

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Red Rice Sweet Paniyaarm/fritters stuffed with Coconut and Palm Sugar

Red Rice Sweet Fritter/Paniyaaram stuffed with Coconut and Palm Sugar |foodfashionparty| #foodphotography #holirecipes

It’s that time again for Indians to slap colors on each other.  A festival which brings people together, a festival of camaraderie and jollity. Holi – the festival of COLORS.

India does have a lot of festivals, and the whole country turns into a colorful atmosphere.  Among these festivals, some are religious, some are based on seasons, and some are of national importance.  I consider this festival in particular to be a more free spirited, joyous occasion for the young and old and everyone in between.  It’s a festival where people forget anger, sadness and join in for a day of fun, food and become kids at heart.

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Coconut-Cashew-Chocolate Fudge/Ladoo – Quick 30 minute recipe


Coconut-Cashew-Chocolate Ladoo/Fudge

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi to all who celebrate!!

It is one of the biggest festivals of India this week.  It is the birth of Ganesha, the Elephant God.  To me, I love the vibes that this festival brings.  I’m enamored with the colors and the mood it creates.

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Instant Savory Vegetable Cake- Handvo

Instant Savory Vegetable Cake- Handvo (gluten free)

It is probably the 5557th time he has asked me, “What time is the flight landing?”  The baby bear of our home is a big fan of his dad.  He calls themselves “the twins.”  To him, his dad can’t do anything wrong or say anything wrong.  His trust and love for him is unparalleled.  When I am cross, it doesn’t take him a moment more to say I was wrong.  He’s around his dad every minute possible.  He’s the biggest fan of his dad, and takes every word his dad says to heart, and those are the final words. Imagine a kid who sounds squeaky and loud going daddy, daddy this, daddy that.  It can get quite annoying, but it’s too cute for us not to smile.

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Naan- Quick/Instant 20 minute No yeast Naan/Pav Bhaji Naan Pizza

Naan- Quick/Instant 20 minute No yeast Naan

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!  Have a great weekend, you all!

It’s not too often that I make naan at home.  In reality, it’s not too often that we eat Indian food other than at home.  We cook so much Indian food at home that we hardly have the urge to eat Indian food outside.  Does that happen to you?

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Eggless Cashew Cake Lamingtons(Coconut-Chocolate Coated Cake with Jelly)

Happy April!!

March was a very long month. It feels like it dragged a bit, although we were frantically driving around and quite a lot of things happening around here.

Between hubby’s travels and kids classes, managing everything was a challenge.  Oh well, the laundry suffered, and so did our back yard, but that’s ok.   I will admit, one thing that doesn’t ever get compromised is our food.  That’s partially because I love food, and I have this crazy urge to cook something good every few hours.  What is it with cravings? I guess we’ll never know.  Some day it’s  either a bowl of noodles or a decadent cake.  The boys equally love their soul satisfying food.  When a lot of things are happening, I bring the kids together to cook, and it calms all of us and takes the edge out a bit.  There were many cake days last week.  The little one always demands for a plain cake.  Always.  The teen cannot get enough of his chocolate. So here’s a Lamington.

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Red Bean and Coconut Pudding

Happy Chinese New Year!!!  It’s the Year of the Goat.

A chilled smooth, silky coconut pudding with sweetened red beans is one of my favorite desserts.  Served in most dim sum restaurants, it’s a popular dessert.  You might forget what you ate, but never this dessert.  Without a heavy texture, it’s scrumptious, smooth, and super additive.  The oomph definitely comes from the coconut milk.

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I am immensely grateful for the chaos that happens when you have two boys who keep everyone busy around here.  Our Valentine’s Day is spent with the baby bears, which gives them ultimate contentment.  Everyday is a special day when we are with our loved ones, right?  That said, I do like to make something special on the 14th.   It’s a quiet day, with just the four of us.

This layered ice cream, with a crunch and some cushiony cake in between, is quite special.  This dessert has a story, and I always love making this one at home.

All the Glassware and the beautiful Tray is from Z Gallerie.  You can get everything here on

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Eggless Coconut-Cardamom Crepe- Sweet Jaggery Dosa((Indian)

Eggless Coconut-Cardamom Crepe- Sweet Jaggery Dosa((Indian) |foodfashionparty|Eggless Coconut-Cardamom Crepe- Sweet Dosa

Oh, it’s Sunday! I really want to curl up on my sofa, laze around watching Netflix all day.

I slowly maneuver myself towards my coffee pot. I ask my little baby bear, who’s watching his favorite show, if he’s eaten something. He then issues a quick sweet demand: “Can you please make me pancakes?”  Turning away from him, I let out an annoyed sigh, with eyebrows almost touching the back of my head. I feel sort of obligated to make him some, as I denied him pancakes even last week for the same reason: we didn’t have eggs. I didn’t have eggs today too. He has to go to his cricket practice at 9.00 a.m.  I have to wake my mind up.

The next option was to make these Indian style pancake/crepes. He ate them and quickly gave me a kiss with a happy smile. Off he went to cricket.

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Figs and Hazelnut Cookies 1

All last weekend I craved for cookies, not any cookie but a cookie which was different.  As far as my cookie craving went, it had to have figs(I had em’ sitting in my pantry for days staring at me), had to have hazelnut spread and should be great to pack as a gift.

I’ve wanted to make these for months now. The time was right, I had a few hours to myself, the first box of cookies that I made to give friends are here.
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