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Vegetarian Khow Suey – Lightly Spiced Coconut Milk Curry with Noodles and Condiments

Vegetarian Khow Suey- Lightly Spiced Coconut Milk Curry with noodles and Condiments

It’s October, it’s Autumn. To me, it’s the start of a lot of baking, cooking, festivities and entertaining. I hope everyone’s as excited for Fall, Pumpkins, Warm Spices, and Soups.

All of that can get overwhelming at times.

But, sometimes, even too much of a good thing is really good, like this soup!

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Fruits, Jams and Chutney

Mixed Fruit Jam – And A Trip Down Memory Lane

Mixed Fruit Jam with Cocoa - Easy and Delicious

It’s 9.00 a.m.  The sun is shining through the kitchen door.  I see my grandma, Amma as I fondly call her, sitting in her tiny kitchen by her tiny stove cooking away.  My parents and my uncles were getting ready to leave to work.  It was little four-year old me, snaking around the six footers, giving up on them, who landed at a safe spot next to Amma in her kitchen.  Her kitchen, the abode of sweet smells, yummy food and seasoned pickles, was my favorite place too.  I loved to watch Amma do her abracadabra.  Amma noticed through the corner of her eye that I had come close to her for her dedicated attention.  She grabbed me and gave me the most wonderful hug while whispering a secret into my ears.  This afternoon, we were on a mission……  Eventually, the office goers left home, and Amma and I had to leave too.  I know where I will be going, she asked me not to tell anyone.

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Cocktail 1

Are we  close to October already? How did that happen? Just seems like we welcomed summer and now it’s orange everywhere. Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated birthdays, woke up late, made ice cream, barbecued, vacations and slept late(the best part).

Here we are on the thresh hold of holiday season, and I am not ready  for it, are you?  I hear friends have started shopping for Halloween, then comes thanksgiving and a ton of baking.  Clearly, I need a drink.
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RICOTTA COCOA WAFFLES – Whole grain with fruits



My week was quite an eventful one.

Have you ever silently scolded someone and a few moments later thanked them(in your mind)? 

We were in a small store which sells school uniforms. I finished my purchases and quickly decided to check my receipt with the number of clothes. Left my phone for 40 seconds on the counter. A minute later realized that I didn’t have my phone and I was standing exactly in the same place. IT WAS GONE…

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BANANA SEMIFREDDO – Eggless and Easy

You have to dream, before your dream can come true.- Abdul Kalam


How was your weekend?  Anything special??

Well, mine was.  I met President OBAMA! Yippee, and boy oh boy was he as good looking in person and even more charming.

OK let’s not get too excited too soon, I met him In my DREAMS…….. literally.

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SPICY PLUM BARBECUE SAUCE and Grilled Tofu – How I went from making sweet jam to spicy barbecue sauce

Harvard takes perfectly good plums as students, and turns them into prunes – Frank Lloyd Wright

Plum Barbeque Sauce

I was 7, I think. It was 19XX coughs ;)..

During vacations,  my grandma whom I fondly called ‘Amma’ and the little me, each carrying  a wire grocery bag walked hand in hand to our local fruit market. Just the BAG, brings back nostalgic memories.

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Happy BIRTHDAY – Almond Discs(Zimsterne or Marzipani) with Lychee cream

          Here’s the thing about love.

Cake font

The love I’m talking about is unconditional, just give with open arms, lotsa hugs, kisses and tears kinda love. No, it’s not the crazy giddy love with butterflies buzzing, where you  wait to fall on your face one day but it’s the ‘MY HEART  belongs to  this thing in my arms LOVE’.

My baby is a officially a teen. How appropriate is this dessert which epitomizes him in every way and the cherries on top are there just because. 

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SORBET – MIXED BERRY SORBET with Coconut syrup- and NO icecream maker

Summer Vacation is here, and aren’t I glad I am a stay at home mum. Waking up after everyone(when I’m lucky, that is) and coming down to a noisy kitchen with dishes all over, refrigerator left open and all for what, to toast up some waffles.  But, I am not about to complain about the petty little things which would have bothered me a while ago. I know my priorities now.. 🙂  Today, I feel good to see the boys manage their breakfast without their mom.

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3 Homemade food gifts – PERFECT Hostess gifts

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.  ~Pierre Corneille, Le Mentuer

With busy schedules around school year, entertaining can get  a bit stressful. In summer, there’s a lot of free time and it’s time to socialize.  We all need a reason to get together for a cup of coffee or just for a chat.   🙂

The blog keeps me busy, and I finally feel I can give back something and feel rewarded in a way. After all the endless hours browsing and admiring talented people all around, I’ve learnt and created so much along the way. Journey is fun and never ends.

 Gifts from the kitchen are gifts from the heart. I like to make take-home gifts, and although it might be the simplest of things, I have seen my friends liking it a lot.  These are few of the simple gift ideas, and you can customize each one.  You could print a small recipe and attach it so that your friends can try it at home too.
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INDIAN- MANGALORE BUNS- Mildly sweet Banana Puris

Indian food has a lot of spices and aromas, but that doesn’t mean spicy hot … The spice is in the aroma of the dish..–unknown source..

One of the great themes pervading Indian life is social interdependence.  People are born into groups-families,clans, religious communities and feel a deep sense of inseparability from these groups.  People are deeply involved with others, and for many, the greatest fear is the possibility of being left alone, without social support.  Economic activities, too, are deeply embedded in the social nexus. Through a multitude of kinship ties, almost everywhere a person goes, he finds a relative from whom he can expect moral and practical support.

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