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Shrimp Curry with Potatoes and Peas – 30 Minute Curry

Shrimp Curry with Potatoes and Peas - 30 Minute Curry

Low and slow, is the mantra for a good Curry.

Curry comes in a variety of colors.  Cooking is an art, curries are the colors.

Indian Curries are pretty time consuming, especially with the ones that involve meat. The pan or pot that a curry is made in also adds to its complexity.  Everything must be slow cooked and sauteed without burning, and the meat almost always is cooked for long periods of time left unattended.  For example, a good fish curry would always take a while to make.  If it sat overnight before serving, the dish became exquisite the next day. A lamb/goat meat dish prep would start a few hours before lunch time and it was almost on Sundays.  Cookers or slow cookers were never used.  It cooked long hours leading to a ‘fall of the bone’ tender, flavorful and juicy meat.  All these different curries really required a lot of time and love, but were so worth the wait.

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Vegetarian Khow Suey – Lightly Spiced Coconut Milk Curry with Noodles and Condiments

Vegetarian Khow Suey- Lightly Spiced Coconut Milk Curry with noodles and Condiments

It’s October, it’s Autumn. To me, it’s the start of a lot of baking, cooking, festivities and entertaining. I hope everyone’s as excited for Fall, Pumpkins, Warm Spices, and Soups.

All of that can get overwhelming at times.

But, sometimes, even too much of a good thing is really good, like this soup!

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2 Vegetarian Healthy Weeknight Curries

BEET-PEAS CURRY and Black eyed peas-Peanut Curry

Growing up, I always saw Mom making these dishes during weekdays.  It was served with rotis/tortillas all the time.  There wasn’t a particular pattern, but I knew what was coming some of the days.  The very interesting thing was, they tasted the same every time she made them.  Now, it makes me wonder how she did it.  No recipe, just add this and add that.  Our lunches were full course meals, most of the time. Weekday dinners were usually a simple roti with a vegetarian side.

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3 Bean Carrot-Spinach Soup (Spicy Indian Style)

3 Bean Carrot- Spinach Spicy Stew(Indian Style)

While in many places it’s snowing and freezing, late winter brings bright sunny weather in Northern California. I had to remind myself that it is winter as I drove around in 65 degree weather today. The excitement of winter is only when we drive up for a few hours to see the snow. After a few rash rains, the doldrums of January bring foggy mornings and warm yet cozy afternoons. The sun stays awake for as long as it can, as the fog gives us the perfect picturesque view on early morning walks. Living in the Bay Area sure has its beautiful moments. Continue Reading

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ACHARI CHICKEN – Chicken Curry simmered in pickling spices

ACHARI CHICKEN - Chicken Curry simmered in pickling spices |foodfashionparty| #indianfood #spicychicken
Achari Chicken 3

And the Celebration continues….
It is a special week. 

A simple man with simple needs.   He loves gadgets, teaches the boys ‘Raspberry Pi'(I thought that was such a funny name for a computer). He smiles when I get mad at him.  I don’t remember him getting mad with either of us, the boys or me. He is so good at surprises.

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OPA SQUASH DUMPLINGS IN SPICY CURRY-Kofta Curry.  @foodfashionparty

When things are in a rush, every body’s got lots to do and you feel the need for extra couple of hours in a day….then comes the spicy yummy meal craving.  That’s when one pot meals come in handy.

Don’t you love one pot meals?

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Chili paneer kababs1

I happen to love paneer (non melting, unaged, farmer’s cheese).

Growing up, I don’t remember mom cooking much paneer (cheese). It was something that we ate at restaurants.

As a South Indian our diet mostly consisted of rice, lentils, vegetables, and chicken. Paneer/cheese was considered ‘North Indian food’.  So when we wanted to eat, we would go out to a restaurant for a treat, and what a nice treat it was.

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