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No-churn Pistachio-Coconut Cardamom Ice Cream with Chocolate

No-churn quick Pistachio-Coconut Cardamom Ice Cream with Chocolate |foodfashionparty| #no-churn Pistachio icecream

It’s summer here, and it’s monsoon season in India where I am right now.  Monsoon in Bangalore is beautiful.  The weather is quite perfect, not too cold or chilly.  It rains, but not crazily.  Being here, travelling around, and trying different foods is an amazing feeling.

There’s a huge selection of food here.  From the authentic Karnataka Ragi Roti (finger millet tortilla) to a Belgian waffle flavored with rich Indian spices, everything is easily accessible.

The palette right now is wide.  The ice cream flavors are numerous, with wine ice cream, cherry-mango ice cream, and butterscotch pistachio ice cream.  Throughout my childhood years, I don’t remember having fruit based ice creams or desserts at all.  It wasn’t that popular then. The ice cream that were fruit based were probably artificially flavored, so it was a natural instinct to go for the nutty cardamom or saffron ones. It’s all so different now.

Although I do like the fruit ones, I still have a strong bond to the ones I grew up with. This is one of them.

Who wouldn’t like a luscious, smooth, sweet nutty ice cream?  We Indians have a strong relationship with cardamom.  The no churn was a popular method to make ice cream, since regular households didn’t have an ice cream machine then.  I stuck to that method with slight changes after seeing Nigella Lawson’s Popular No-Churn Ice Cream.

This is one of our favorite flavors and it works so well together.  I made cones using my recipe for Pizzelle.

No churn, quick Pistachio-Coconut Cardamom No-churn Ice Cream with Chocolate |foodfashionparty| #no-churn Pistachio icecreamPistachio-Coconut Cardamom No-churn Ice Cream with Chocolate |foodfashionparty| #no-churn Pistachio icecream

Have a lovely week my friends!!


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Pistachio-Coconut Cardamom Icecream with Chocolate
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
The easiest no churn icecream is perfect for the summer days and these flavors are classic and delicious.
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 10-12
  • 4 cup of Heavy Whipping Cream chilled
  • 1 can condensed milk
  • ⅓ cup coconut cream
  • ½ cup pistachio coarse paste
  • ½ tsp green cardamom powder or powder for 3-4 cardamom pods
  • Semi sweet melted chocolate
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • Cones to serve in
  1. Clean the whipping bowl and the whisk very well and dry it. You can leave the bowl in the freezer for 30 minutes before whipping the cream.
  2. Add the condensed milk, coconut cream and the chilled whipping cream and whip it on low speed, around 3 for 3 minutes so it can slowly whip. Then whip it on medium high for another 5 minutes at high speed until it is almost to a stiff peak stage. Stop the machine and add the pistachio paste and whip it for another 30 seconds to a minute until stiff peak and stop immediately. Pour in a ice cream pan or box and chill overnight.
  3. Melt the chocolate on double broiler, add coconut oil in it and drizzle on the icecream once it is completely chilled.
  4. Enjoy


Pistachio-Coconut Cardamom No-churn Ice Cream with Chocolate |foodfashionparty| #no-churn Pistachio icecream

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Cashew Linzer -Sandwich Cookies

Cashew Linzer -Sandwich Cookies @foodfashionparty

Sometimes, you have such a great idea that you think you’ve almost won a lottery with  it. A few days ago, I had an idea….

Sitting on my dining table, with a hot cup of coffee in one hand and typing in the other. I typed in ‘snowflake cutters’, and there it was at William-Sonoma website.  I added it to the bag, quickly forgetting about it, as I had lots to do that day.  After a couple of days, I was watching my favorite Vlog on YouTube, when I saw an ad of those same snowflake cutters staring at me.  It’s funny how the advertising agencies can monitor all your Internet activities.  And, of course, it’s showing me the thing that I wanted to buy. Weird.  I finally went ahead and ordered and waited for it for 4 whole days.  They came on a Thursday, so pretty and screaming at me to use them soon.  My idea: making Lintzer cookies with the snowflake cutter.  The bottom cookie would be a round plain one and the top would be this gorgeous snowflake like cookie dusted with powdered sugar and jam peaking through the tiny little cutouts.  They looked perfect in my mind.  I didn’t see anything like that on Pinterest or anywhere. They definitely are going to be stunning. Oh well, I thought it would be stunning.

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Balsamic Spiced Mixed Nuts

Balsamic Spiced Mixed Nuts- Indian Spices and Vegan

Christmas is  just around the corner. It will come by, before we know it and will pass by in a blur. The journey during December is a beautiful one.

Amidst all these you guys, it’s been a tough last 4 weeks for a place very dear to my hubby and a lot of people who belong to Chennai.

I met my husband in Chennai Airport for the first time.  A memorable moment that I will never forget. What Chennai and the 6 million people in it won’t forget is, what they saw and experienced in the last few weeks.

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Coconut-Cashew-Chocolate Fudge/Ladoo – Quick 30 minute recipe


Coconut-Cashew-Chocolate Ladoo/Fudge

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi to all who celebrate!!

It is one of the biggest festivals of India this week.  It is the birth of Ganesha, the Elephant God.  To me, I love the vibes that this festival brings.  I’m enamored with the colors and the mood it creates.

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Pistachio Cake with Coffee Cardamom Mousse

Pistachio Cake with Coffee Cardamom Mousse

It’s a perfect combination of nuttiness and creaminess with a touch of coffee.  The coffee cream is very subtle and works like magic in this cake.  It’s a coffee lover’s dream cake.  Happy Father’s Day to everyone around!  Happy father’s day to my pops who has the biggest sweet tooth!

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BROWN BUTTER PUMPKIN CAKE with CARDAMOM AND SAFFRON |foodfashionparty| #pumpkincake





There are a couple of reasons I am super hyped for this post.

One: Cardamom and Saffron, a match made in food world, is not only a favorite of mine but also of many.  Isn’t there something great about it?.  Close your eyes and think of those two spices.  The warmth and the sweetness just engulfs you.

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WALNUT MOCHA BREAD with Cardamom |foodfashionparty| #easyrecipe #bread
WALNUT MOCHA BREAD with Cardamom |foodfashionparty| #easyrecipe #bread
WALNUT MOCHA BREAD with Cardamom |foodfashionparty| #easyrecipe #bread
Mocha Walnut Bread 3

Somethings are great in theory.
Like the Mazda Miata I wanted. Can you imagine driving the kids and carpooling?..NO, so not practical.
Like the beautiful apple tree we bought and thought that we would see apples in couple of years, it’s got the same number of leaves on it as the day we bought it.
Like the good intention to wake up at 4.00 a.m. for my workout.
Like the time we wanted a dog.  We dog sat our friend’s little shih tzu and we loved him.  Just that he loved my sandals too, he would nag us to take him out every time.  I love animals, but in no rush to get one.
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STUFFED COOKIES – Pastry stuffed with nuts and dates

                   Festivals are fun. Festivals in India are very colorful. Whats your favorite festival/holiday?


It’s one of those festive weeks for Indians. It’s called Ganesh Pooja. The festival of THE ELEPHANT GOD.
Throughout India, people celebrate this festival.  It’s colorful, bright, with people singing,chanting, music screaming everywhere, it’s a beautiful atmosphere.
Kids dress up in their new clothes, visit family and friends. It’s a time when people unite in streets to decorate and it’s a big grand affair. 

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SPICED WALNUTS with Balsamic and Curry Powder


            Happy Monday Friends.  How was your weekend? 


Our weekend just flew by with the realization that there’s only two more weeks of summer vacation.  We are trying to fit in dinners with friends, cooking workshops and a lot of movies in between. 

The boys seem like they are in no rush to start their routine.  I can say they’ve having fun.

My teen has learnt how to make lunch to survive at least.He made some balsamic noodles and they were good, maybe a bit too strong for my taste, but he loved it.

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My life during weekends is a never ending marathon with constant pauses to think whether I forgot an event or did I forget a birthday the kid had to attend.  So this was one of those calm couple of days, where I didn’t step out to greet the beautiful weather California is witnessing.  But, that didn’t stop the kids from their routine with their dad who happily chauffered them around.

Between the laundering, cooking, reading…… my sweet tooth required immediate attention.  Didn’t wanna eat the remains of the cake, nor  the ice cream which was screaming at me…So, the health nut side of me decided to make GRANOLA.   I had Greek Yogurt(one of my new faves), so let’s toss in Granola and have that for dessert tonight. Sounds, good right..

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