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Melon Noodles-Blueberry Sorbet Float

Melon Noodles-Blueberry Sorbet Float |foodfashionparty| Sweet, slightly tart and fancy. So Delicious.

Do you bookmark and pin a lot of recipes to try?

A few days ago, I saw an Indonesian Melon drink posted by the very talented Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella.  It looked so fancy, simple and so different, I couldn’t wait to make my version and  it went right on top of my ‘to-make’ list.  I am sure most of you know her by now, if not please do check her out, you will love her.   I am always amazed at how much great food she puts out on her blog.  Apart from her fabulous food, I admire her sense of humor and she is such wonderful person.

I am a big fan of fancy looking food, which requires less fussing around and this cocktail/dessert  is just that. So here is an inspired float.  Simple, stunning and bombdiggity, if I may say so myself:).

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Endive Boats with Beet-Carrot-Fennel-Pear in Asian Dressing

Endive Boats with Beet-Carrot-Fennel in Asian dressing

I’ve always been picky about my salads.  I will eat a salad only if it is spicy, crunchy, and made with some peanut butter dressing :).  Well, it changed.

I was invited to a clothing boutique opening a few winters ago.  That’s when I fell in love with these endive boats after avoiding it for about 20 minutes.  As we walked in, our coats were taken.  The wine was served and the conversations were on full swing, when a very prim and proper server walked by us bringing these beautiful salad boats.  I excused myself politely to walk across to the left of the room where the cocktails and desserts were.  After a few minutes, the guy comes again with this beautifully arranged platter of these boats, and I picked out a boat just to be nice to the guy.  He smiled because I had been avoiding him for at least 20 minutes.  I stalked him for the next 15; I am sure I would’ve eaten at least 10.

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Bruschetta with Persimmon Chutney

Bruschetta with Persimmon Chutney

Happy November!!

There’s something about the cooler weather, twinkling stars as early at 6.00 p.m., and all the festive pumpkins and persimmons in the grocery store.  Everything screams of holidays, parties and food. Everyone gets in the mood of perfecting their pies, the sides and their birds.

The appetizers are some of the last to be remembered.  Don’t you think?

I have a great one for you.  Just make a lot of it and have some bottles of chutney ready to go for your guests, they’ll want it.

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SORBET – MIXED BERRY SORBET with Coconut syrup- and NO icecream maker

Summer Vacation is here, and aren’t I glad I am a stay at home mum. Waking up after everyone(when I’m lucky, that is) and coming down to a noisy kitchen with dishes all over, refrigerator left open and all for what, to toast up some waffles.  But, I am not about to complain about the petty little things which would have bothered me a while ago. I know my priorities now.. 🙂  Today, I feel good to see the boys manage their breakfast without their mom.

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3 Homemade food gifts – PERFECT Hostess gifts

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.  ~Pierre Corneille, Le Mentuer

With busy schedules around school year, entertaining can get  a bit stressful. In summer, there’s a lot of free time and it’s time to socialize.  We all need a reason to get together for a cup of coffee or just for a chat.   🙂

The blog keeps me busy, and I finally feel I can give back something and feel rewarded in a way. After all the endless hours browsing and admiring talented people all around, I’ve learnt and created so much along the way. Journey is fun and never ends.

 Gifts from the kitchen are gifts from the heart. I like to make take-home gifts, and although it might be the simplest of things, I have seen my friends liking it a lot.  These are few of the simple gift ideas, and you can customize each one.  You could print a small recipe and attach it so that your friends can try it at home too.
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Stuffed Dates – with nuts and dipped in chocolate

“People forget what they ate, but they always remember Dessert, so make it memorable”.- Ina Garten

Medjool dates with their crinkly top, sweet second layer was known as the fruit of the royals.  But,  it’s easily accessible to us commoners now.   The chewy texture, the naturally maple sort of taste and it’s size makes for a easy pick me up snack.

Dates are consumed on it’s own for it’s nutritional value and distinctive taste. But, the middle easterners have gotten quite creative with these pick me up beauties.  Taking a note from their page, the MEDJOOL dates get makeovers every chance a cook gets.

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BAKING- EL SALVADORIAN Sweet Bread- Semitas De Dulce(Sweet Suffed Bread)

“I like reality that tastes like bread.”

Jean Anouilh (1910-1987)

Although popular all around Central America, this version of the  Sweet Buttery Bread stuffed with jam is found in El Salvador.  SEMITAS De Dulce is so famous, you can find it in bakeries throughout Central America and when walking around touring this small country but a fast growing one, you can see street vendors with their version.. 
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