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Chili paneer kababs1

I happen to love paneer (non melting, unaged, farmer’s cheese).

Growing up, I don’t remember mom cooking much paneer (cheese). It was something that we ate at restaurants.

As a South Indian our diet mostly consisted of rice, lentils, vegetables, and chicken. Paneer/cheese was considered ‘North Indian food’.  So when we wanted to eat, we would go out to a restaurant for a treat, and what a nice treat it was.

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GARLIC SRIRACHA Bread Knots- Multi Grain

Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French…… GARLIC makes it good.”-Alice May Brock

GARLIC SRIRACHA Bread Knots- Multi Grain

       Do you have a green thumb??

If you do, I admire you and if you don’t I’m secretly happy;).  I hear about homegrown tomatoes, chilies and fruits being so tasty and my friend even grows sugar cane, CRAZY…Why does it come so easy to some and here I am with a single leaf Banana tree which has been alive for 4 years with only couple of leaves present all the time.  I water it, ummm, maybe not all the time..But it hasn’t dried up on me yet, that’s the bright side.

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